The Lord has highlighted the need to watch the parallels between the Jewish Calendar and changes in the Body of Christ. We began to view it with diligence 3 years ago and have watched the changes with awe. 

For the past 30 days I have heard one word repeatedly...transition. This year I believe we will see the greatest shifts in the spirit realm that have ever been felt. They will then manifest in the natural realm with swiftness and intensity . 

The Spirit had me pull out my husbands nursing books and look once again at what a woman goes through in labor. This is very similar to what has been and will continue to occur in the Body of Christ.  Much like when you have a baby and go through transition. 

When labor begins it is called the latent phase. There is an excitement knowing something is about to change. As the labor progresses contractions become harder and stronger as the mothers body prepares for the passage of the infant. God created this process so that injury to the mother would be at a minimum. 

Time passes and the mother enters into the active phase. It seems like it will never be over and there is no use to anything. This seem to last forever. At this point the baby is making the most progress moving through the mothers birth canal. Contractions increase steadily and dilation continues in preparation for the birth. 

The final part of the first stage is known as TRANSITION. Full dilatation occurs at the end of this process. Anxiety tends to increases as the pain becomes more intense. Fear and sense of hopelessness surfaces and there is a decrease in ability to cope. Emotions of abandonment are prevalent and the need for support is vital. It is normal for the mother to vocalize anger and the inability to go any farther. The sensation of pressure is so great at the peak of contractions the mother may feel she will BURST. 

When transition is complete the baby crowns. At that point the mother becomes VERY SOBER and VIGILANT. She sees the top of her baby's head and knows that the whole painful process will soon be over. Then everything that she has been preparing for begins to come to pass. 

This sure sounds like what we all have been going through! Praise God....the birth of HIS will does follow a process!!

In HIS Service,
Teresa M. Daly-Crews
29 September 2000